Wednesday, June 28, 2017


" Why man loves to lie ? "
" Because woman loves to hear "

Sometimes, we tell lies to comfort you. We are an ignorant creature while you are an overthinking one. You guys think too much, make assumptions and conclude it by yourself.
Here's a situation.
If we accompany you to buy some clothes. And you asked us either if baby blue or royal blue looks better on you.
We actually don't care. If we love you, you look better on anything. Even better without anything, lol. But, if we say that we don't mind about it.
" Anything will do "
" Whatever babe "

You know what's going to be in your mind ?
" He doesn't love me anymore "
" He doesn't care about me. He has someone else "

You started to assume things.
That's why we lie.

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